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tv   CBS Evening News  CBS  December 1, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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>> glor: tonight, train crash, a commuter line derails in new york city at the end of a holiday weekend. >> there was like a crunching, grinding measurement. >> four are killed, more than 60 hurt, we report from don dahler and jeff pegues. >> the day after the deadline, the white house says dramatic progress has been made on, major garrett is in whiton. >> the death of a hollywood star, paul walker loses his life in a fiery crash, from los angeles, carter evans has more. and saving the memories. families thought that pictures were lost forever. barry petersen found a woman who brings them back. >> oh, my little baby! oh, sweetheart! >> this is the cbs evening news.
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>> glor: good evening, everyone, i am jeff glor with a western edition of the broadcast. the train left poughkeepsie new york just before 6:00 a.m. on the last day of this hollywood, holiday weekend for grand central terminal, he it never got there, all seven cars derailed into the trip, this is what it looked like today in the bronx at the spot be the hudson and harlem rivers meet. first responders rushed in trying to save or stabilize the wounded. more than 60 were hurt. officials say three of the four dead were thrown from the train. tonight, an ntsb team has arrived. we begin our broadcast from the scene with don dahler. >> reporter: metro north railroad train the lies scattered between the tracks and the hudson and harlem rivers, the train left po kinsey new york at 5:54 on route to grand central summation manhattan, when it reached a sharp turn eyewitnesses say it didn't slow
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down, that's when the cars jumped the tracks. >> the engineer was injured, he was control the train from the front car since the locomotive was pushing from the back, the national transportation safety board says investigators are at the scene. >> i mention this to not to understand just what happened but whyñi it happened, with the intent of presenting, to prevent it from happening again. >> bill sherman lives nearby. >> i heard screeching noise, some loud, so loud it woke me up, normally we don't notice it, but crunching, grinding metal. >> passenger ryan kelly broke his hand in the accident. >> i was sleeping, right before we went around the bend, and i kind of woke up when the train started to tilted a it went flying off and i got thrown across back and forth and came to like a halt and there was just people screaming and a lot of dust everywhere. >> reporter:some of the victims were ejected from the train by the force of the derailment. >> dr. david lisman of st. barnabas hospital. >> there is one gentleman with a spinal cord injury that it could
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be quite, quite serious. the other more serious injuries are simple fractures, and what we call open fractures. >> in the first hours of the rescue operation, the dead covered in yellow plastic lay next to the injured under white blankets. >> two of the seven derailed cars ended up on their sides, emergency crews responded quickly and used ladders to help passengers climb out of the wreckage. >> metro northñjr saysñr all ofe passengers are accounted for. >> a spokesman for metro north says between 100 and 200 people were on board, many of them returning from their holiday weekend, so the train was more crowded than usual sunday morning, but, jeff, far less crowded than any given weekday morning. >> don dahler, thank you. >> glor: with more on the investigation now we are joined from the crash site by our transportation correspondent jeff pegues. jeff, what do we know tonight? >> reporter: jeff, the ntsb has been on the scene since midday today, they have been investigating, they looked at the condition of the tracks but they also found the event recorders and that is a critical
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piece of this investigation. tthe they will be able to tell investigators the speed of the train, the function of the train, and the movement of the train before it derailed, also they will be talking to witnesses and cbs news law enforcement sources are telling us the engineer of the train told first responders that he tried to apply the brakes going into the curve, he said it felt like they weren't working, the train went off the tracks. so they are going to be interviewing witnesses as well as looking at the data from that event record tore figure out what happened here. >> jeff, what are the rules on speed in that area? >> reporter: well, the ntsb, jeff, is telling us there is a speed limit going into that curve is 30 miles per hour so they will look at whether speed was a factor here but also as i said they looked at the condition of the track. there was a train derailment back in july in this area where a freight train, ten cars of 25 car freight train went off the tracks here in this area, not exactly the same area, but ntsb
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investigators will try to determine if there is any sort of connection. >> glor: transportation correspondent jeff pegues, thank you. in massachusetts today more than 70 cars were involved in an early morning pileup on a stretch of interstate 290 near worcester made icy by a slow moving prewinter storm, tractor trailers were involved that stretched over 200 yards, more than 35 people were hospitalized, two in serious condition. >> the nation's troubled healthcare web site was supposed to be up and running for the vast majority of users today, administration has issued its progress reports and major garrett is at the white house with details tonight. major. >> jeff, two months late the white house says obamacare federal web site will work for most people most of the time, but this promise like others attached to the healthcare law comes with a catch. >> the department of health and human services says it is one sluggish and sickly healthcare web site can handle 50,000 users simultaneously, up to 800,000 a
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day. it has fewer glitches and maddening software dead ends. the administration's web site rescue consultant jeff tremendous zients told reporters on a conference call engineers have fixed more than 400 bugs in the past month, 300 in the past three weeks. >> we have a much more stable system that is reliably open for business, and that is important, because at the end of the day, we need high system up time so consumers are able to use the system to seek information, fill out applications, shop and enroll. >> other improvements? response times have been reduced from eight seconds in late october to less than one second, and errors rates, when a web page freezes or sends bad information from six percent to less than one percent. here is the catch. the system bogs down with more than 50,000 users. at peak times consumers will be told to come back later. and there is still a problem getting accurate information to insurance companies. so, jeff, though
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improved remains a work in progress. >> glor: major garrett at the white house, thank you. it was the most successful film franchise in the history of universal pictures, the fast and furious movies about racing in which paul walker played a leading role, last might walker was involved in a real life crash that ended his life. from los angeles, here is carter evans. >> reporter: paul walker may have been best money for his a starring role in the fast and furious film series. but his love for fast cars went beyond the big screen. on saturday walker was a passenger in this porsche a era gt when it burst into flames after slamming into a tree killing walker and his friend roger rodas, they were at a fund raiser for victims of the philippines typhoon at rodas auto shop, he saw the car right before the crash. >> paul jumped in and said let's go for a drive so they went for a little drive and this is what
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happened. >> reporter: it was less than half a mile from the auto shop, friends rushed to hen, when they heard the impact. >> there was nothing, we tried, we went through fire extinguishers. >> antonio holmes knew both men. >> they were trapped and employees, friends, of the shop, we tried. >> the los angeles county sheriff's department says speed was a factor. everything else about the crash remains under investigation. walker was a fixture in at that previous fast and furious films and scheduled to finish the installment, it is now on hold. up witwalker's death prompted ae outpouring online, including this message from long time star vin diesel. >> brother i will miss you very much, i am absolutely speechless. >> he was 40 years old, cbs news,. >> glor: searchers looked through the wreckage at the pub
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in glasgow, scotland hit by a helicopter, the death toll rose to nine today. >> charles d'agata is on the scene. >> competent beneath the debris and helicopter wreckage they found what they feared, chief deputy fitzpatrick delivered the news. >> i can confirm earlier this morning the body of another person was removed from the incident site. >> police warned there may be more. >> they released the names of some of the victims, including 36-year-old police officer kirsty nelis, seen here in front of the very helicopter she died in when it tore through the roof of a crowded pub. >> as service in glasgow cathedral today school children lit candles for each of the vicks of each of the victims of friday's crash. >> after the service, linda brogan, a pub regular fought back tears. >> it is just -- >> pat o'mara led the squad of
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paramedics after the crash, he knew the helicopter crew well. >> as you can imagine, it is quite emotional. there was some tears this morning. and we were thinking about our colleagues who died as well as all of the other people that died report other of 12 people still hospitalized three remain in intensive care, and some people are still missing. as to what caused the crash, questions are centering on the possible failure of a fuel line, something that would have caused not one but both engines to fail and we talked to the manufacturers who told us they couldn't be sure whether this particular helicopter had been fitted with a black box. >> glor: charlie d'agata, thank you. >> more than 200,000 protesters gathered in the ukrainian capital of kiev today furious over the government's refusal to sign a trade agreement with the european union. police used tear gas and clubs to beat back demonstrators who
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surrounded president yanukovych's office, they are demanding his resignation saying the government is corrupt and too tied to russia. >> later the numbers are in as the holiday shopping weekend ends. a foiled ferryboat hijacking in seattle and what to name the panda. the national zoo makes a decision when the cbs evening news continues.
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>> glor: the results are in for how retailers fair this holiday weekend. the national retail federation says 141 million people went to the mall or stores, thursday through sunday. that's up about two million from last year. total spending is expected to reach $57 billion, but on average customers are spending $16 less than last year. cbs news analyst jill schlesinger joins us with more on all of this. so jill, less but more. why are we spending less? >> i think we are much smarter and we are spending time preparing to go out shopping--
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an hour to an hour and a quarter on average. people are spending time online before they hit the stores, and there is something really terrific happening. there are a number of apps we are downloading apps faster, 23 percent increase on thursday and friday alone, and that is really arming us with information, whether it is coupons or better deals, all this said, it is really important to remember once we get into the stores we are just emotional beings and tend to buy a little something for ourselves, a little self gifting that's where the retailers are making out. >> glor: 27 percent more traffic on thanksgiving we should mention, now tomorrow is cyber monday. is cyber monday still a big deal? >> it is funny it started eight years ago and really smart solution to a problem. people wanted to shop online but they had very slow internet connections so they had like this duo fabulous thing, one i could get my fast internet connection at work and two if you goof off from work so people created this whole idea of cyber monday. so is it relevant? well, we are expecting $2
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billion in sales this year from cyber monday, it would be the biggest ecommerce day in the history since we have had ecommerce so it is relevant, but the reality is, of course uh you could be shopping online any time, it doesn't have to be monday because we all have faster internet connections now but it is fun to goof off from work. >> glor: of course, jill schlessinger, thank you, good to see you. up next, unusual protest in london from cyclists after a series of deadly accidents. accidents. >>
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suspect .
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>> glor: the streets of london are famous, narrow, crowded and
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historic, but lately they have become increasingly dangerous as after a string of fatal collisions between vehicles and bicyclists, here is alphonso van marsh. >> reporter: they are calling it a "die-in", 1,000 cyclists laid in the streets of central london this weekend stopping a rush hour commute. they were protesting the traffic conditions that have killed 14 riders this year. >> demanding answers from mayor boris johnson. >> because there is more -- >> johnson has been actively promoting cycling as a way to unsmaller the city's jammed roadways but came under fire in city hall after suggesting cyclists should be more careful. >> the mayor an avid cyclist himself reconfigured streets including the super blue cycle highways, they are monitored constantly. >> critics in some bike commuters say these new measures have not made things safer. >> you are a bit close.
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take it easy, all right? >> most of the cyclist killed this year in accidents with larger vehicles. >> there is not much space between this blue line and here. so what is the blue line and what is the road? >> drivers say they are not always to blame that it is the cyclists that are too aggressive who don't follow the rules of the road and who literally don't stay in their lane. >> i give them as much room as i can but they still cut me off and call me names, it is unbelievable. >> some cyclists are fighting back. >> he wears six helmet cams to record drivers. >> i will report you. >> and greg carson says his helmet video proved the driver who hit him was at fault for this accident. >> city officials are also steppingñi up. they have launched operation safe way. 2,500 police officers will take to the streets, their job? to make sure drivers and cyclists alike -- >> signal, signal, signal!
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>> are following the rules of the road. >> alphonso van marsh, cbs news, london. >> glor: still ahead, a naming ceremony for the national zoo's panda cub. ñiçó .
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>> glor: in seattle, police say a man temporarily stole a high speed passenger ferry today, he didn't get very far, arrested as the victoria clipper drifted about 300 yards offshore. the ship was not in service. >> some of boston's mobster whitey bulger's belongings are headed for the auction block,
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including hats and home decorations and even books, one entitled g-men and gangsters, whitey bulger he is serving two the life terms for his crimes and proceeds will be split among victims. >> national zoo named panda club bao bao which means treasure or precious following 100 day wait in accordance with chinese tradition, born this past august, bao bao is only the second surviving panda cub to be born at the national zoo. >> coming up, saving memories damaged by floods. one photo at a time. >>
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finely tonight to the terrible floods in colorado this past summer washed away a lot more than homes and property. they also damaged countless family photo albums, to the point where many felt they were beyond saving. that, barry petersen tells us is where the boulder photo rescue
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project comes in. >> reporter: it wasn't just how bad it was, but how much was lost. and for these women working in a family garage, it is now about how much can be saved. >> okay, grandma. all right. >> reporter: they are cave any rubbing and washing family photos, rescued from flooded homes. >> professional photographer heather knierim was helping people cleaned waterlogged basements and saw boxes of seemingly ruined pictures and vowed to save them, when word spread other flood victims brought their pictures. >> i imagine it means that they have little pieces of themselves back when so much was taken away. >> you can rebuild your life from memories of lives. >> right. >> she pressed friends into service, meg bloomed. >> and diana ewing who brought a surgical skill to getting pictures out of soaked albums. >> and what is it like when you
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work with a picture, it is really damaged, and then you saved it? >> that, that is a great feeling. >> you saved it? it is going to be okay? >> yes, it is going to be okay. >> okay was not something andrea montoya expected after her basement filled with water. >> were the pictures actually underwater at some point? >> oh, yes, they were. just remembering that image in my head is, oh, it is just a heartbreaking feeling. >> reporter: she trusted them to heather without much real hope. >> what is your expectation? >> my wish is that i will get ten or fifteen percent of them back. >> reporter: boy, was she in for a surprise. >> oh, my god! you rescued that! >> reporter: not one or two, but hundreds, all of them saved. >> oh clammy little baby! >> reporter: the only photos of her kids when they were kids.
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>> there is a picture of me with our daughter at her first birthday party. >> and the only pictures she has from her own childhood. >> oh, they are precious! >> oh, these were destroyed. >> and. >> oh, my dad! >> of her late father. >> you have given our family stories back toñi us. these would have been lost. oh, sweetheart. >> look at that. >> i think that is what keeps us going right now is, is that moment where you get to see a picture and hand the pictures back to the family. >> we were so discouraged and i felt so much was lost and so much history. >> reporter: memories that have com come back home. barry petersen, cbs news, boulder, colorado. >> glor: that is the cbs evening news tonight. later on cbs 60 minutes. i am jeff glor, cbs news in new york, scott pelley will be here tomorrow. good night.
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walker. the likely factor that contributed to the crash. and hear the very emotional words from his fa. on this world aids day --- memorial grove in golden ga park means to survivors. anw they say aids needs to be delt with in this countr a humane alternative treatment coming for mounta lions that step from the his into neighborhoods. kpix 5 news is next. good evening... i'm brian ,, ,,,,,,,,
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look who's heading home nowm the long holiday weekend. ts is interstate 680 in dublin- 's jammed as people make thei good evening. look who is heading home now from the long holiday weekend? this is interstate


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